310713 Timing your meals to increase the effectiveness of your workouts

 Timing your meals to increase the effectiveness of your workouts

Morning workouts may be somewhat better for weight loss. There is some evidence showing that more fat is burned when exercising before eating breakfast. This may be because when exercising later on these sessions will be fueled by the proteins and carbohydrates from meals eaten earlier in the day.

However, if you have any type of a heart disease, working out in the morning may not be your best option because your risk of a heart attack is slightly elevated.

Some of the research is showing that exercise in the afternoon may be better for building strength and endurance. These same studies are showing that your aerobic capacity, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and reaction time show the greatest training peak between 1600 and 1900 hrs.

Even though the research is becoming clearer as to the best time to exercise each day, it is not going to make a hill of beans if these times are not good for you.

Each day is special, and each day you have to make a conscious decision as to when you are going to work out. The more habitual this workout time becomes the better the chances are that you are going to stick with it over the long haul.

As for deciding what time to eat your biggest meal of the day, you may want to keep this in mind: stuffing yourself at the local buffet shortly before going to bed will almost guarantee you of a poor night’s sleep because your body is working to digest all the food you ate.

240713 Lessons learned when exercising in the heat

Lessons learned when exercising in the heat

Right now, in my neck of the woods, it is not uncommon for the temperatures to be in the high 80s and low 90s (Fahrenheit). Although the humidity is relatively low here compared to other parts of our great country, it is still hot.

Keeping up with your exercise schedule can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it is hot. Having lived in this environment for many years, I have naturally adapted to the conditions and made changes in how I exercise during this period.

Lifting in the heat – lift early

The expected temperatures today are going to be hovering around 97° but right now, at 0430, it is a very pleasant 59°. This makes it ideal to head out to the gym get the majority the work out completed before the temperatures get too hot. And since I am an early riser, generally getting up about 0415 – 0430 hours each day, this works out very nicely for me.

Keep hydrated

I start each day with a liter of cool water with the goal of completely emptying it by no later than 1300 hours each day. I supplement this with various types of V-8 Fusion and Costco 0-calorie drinks. Added to this recommendation is one of avoiding sugary drinks, which means pop in most cases. Also, be aware that in many of the juices on the market, the first or second ingredient is sugar. With too much sugar it takes at an exaggerated amount of time for the liquid actually start getting into your system.

Keep your clothes on

You will rarely see anyone from the Mideast or in other hotter environments walking around with shorts, shirts, and sandals on. And there is a good reason for this; clothing does not allow the wind or activity to quickly blow off the perspiration, which is the prime cooling mechanism for your body. For example, if your gym has a multitude of fans or air-conditioning which moves the air around, taking your clothes off allows this circulating air to rapidly remove the sweat off your body. This causes your body to sweat more in an effort to keep itself cool. Whereas if you allow the sweat to naturally evaporate then your normal activity would have allowed it to act like the radiator that it is.

Lift in the evening

In the area I live in the temperature starts to go down around 1900 – 2000 hours. Even though it is not as cool as is in the morning at 0430 hours it is certainly more tolerable than lifting when it is 97° during the day. To my way of thinking, the best way to do this is to lift the major muscle groups in the morning and finish off with the accessory exercises in evening.

Keeping your daily nutrition up to par

I highly recommend eating lightly during the summer by avoiding fatty, sugar-laden foods. The high-fat foods linger on making your body sluggish and just set in your gut waiting to be absorbed. Your body will be much more efficient during the heat with lighter fare such as salads, fruits, vegetables, and protein drinks.

Take naps during the heat

Once your workout session is over, drink your protein, and then take a 20 to 30 minute nap. This rejuvenates your body and makes it grow.

240812 Getting things done

It’s 0431 and the day is starting out with a bang.

I have a hard time deciding what part of the day I like the best. It is either going to bed at night, or getting up early the next morning.

One thing I do know for sure, going to bed gets me into the busy part of next day sooner.

Once you know when you’re at your best, take advantage of it and get things done when you are the most productive.

In my case before going to bed, I make up my next days to do list. Sometimes I can’t wait to jump up early the next morning and get going on it. My lists are not impossibly long or detailed but it does tell what I want to accomplish during the day.

Others list things they want to get done the next day; however, their lists are sometimes so long it is difficult for them to finish it and if they don’t, they feel like failures.

So make your list manageable and start seeing better results sooner.