211117 Avoid Breakfast Mistakes

211117 Avoid Breakfast Mistakes

You likely know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your athletes need fuel to perform in the classroom and in their sport. Encourage your athletes to eat breakfast but to avoid commons mistakes .

Not Enough Protein – A bowl of cereal with low fat milk is good, but most people don’t drink all the milk that goes with the cereal and that amounts to eight grams of protein! A hard boiled egg, 100% whole grain toast w/ peanut or almond butter gives extra protein.

Too Little Fiber – Avoid sugary breakfast cereal options! Cereal should have at least FIVE grams of fiber, and always more fiber than sugar.

No Fat – A breakfast with no fat will make you hungry within an hour. Cereal, berries and low fat milk delivers the fat you need.

Too Late in the Day – Eat breakfast within an hour of waking

Not Enough Food – Fruit is good but not enough food for breakfast Your athletes should consume 300-400 calories.

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050613 How to get more fiber without resorting to eating stuff that tastes like cardboard

How to get more fiber without resorting to eating stuff that tastes like cardboard

Since we know that fiber is good for us it is now a matter of finding something we like to eat to get it. Most of us do not get the recommended twenty grams of fiber per day because we are not aware that it is necessary or we don’t like the foods that contain ample amounts of this healthy substance in our diet. After all, who wants to eat awful tasting stuff every day? The good news is you can actually get the fiber in your diet without eating tasteless stuff.

For instance, an avocado has 12 grams of fiber and with the good fat to go along with a great taste too. This is 33% more fiber than found in a cup of shredded wheat. However, avocados aren’t the only good tasting high fiber foods available. Others include apples at 3 grams each, blackberries, and raspberries with 8 grams and mangoes with 4 grams.

If you want to branch out then pick up some artichokes and or acorn squash with 6 grams per serving, black beans at 8 grams, or sweet potatoes with 5 grams of great taste.