060120 Bad Shoulders! Part 2/2

060120 Bad Shoulders! Part 2/2
By: Daniel Pare, N.C.C.P., C.S.O.

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“Shoulder Pain”. We are going to look at preventing it and working towards better function of the shoulder.

Why do shoulder injuries occur? Why all of a sudden, it starts to feel uncomfortable? You don’t remember hurting yourself when doing bench-press (chosen exercise for this article), but it is hurting. What has happened? Does this scenario sound familiar? You know someone in this situation! Maybe you!

By focusing on a more active stretching protocol, those muscles will loosen. You are looking for a fuller range of motion. In most cases, a fuller range-of-motion will increase and improve your situation tremendously and the pain will shortly go away.

One of my trainees, Mary, when doing barbell curl, her left shoulder was not remaining stable. After using an active stretching protocol regularly with her, the pain not only went away, but the shoulder became lot more stable and stronger in a relatively short time.

Another of my trainees started stretching and applying this simple rule (stretching more actively), and she lost weight. Here I must say that strength training along with a more active stretching protocol became a victorious combination.

Whether you looking at bad joint function (shoulder for this article), or a weight loss program, remember that lengthening the muscles will do wonders. By increasing the range of motion, you will experience results.

Daniel Pare, N.C.C.P., C.S.O.
Strength Coach, St. Thomas Ontario, Canada

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