041119 Standing Plyo Push Ups

041119 Standing Plyo Push Ups

By Danny M. O’Dell, M.A. CSCS*D and Wyatt O’Dell, B.A.

These are an advanced method of doing a push up and not to be done if you have any type of elbow or shoulder injury, pain or other ailment that would preclude you from doing them. These versions of the push up are a violent shock to the upper torso and the midsection of the body.

As Wyatt demonstrates, the movement begins in an upright but semi relaxed position.

Notice how he continues to free fall as demonstrated in the photos.

While keeping the torso in line, allow your body to tip over straight forward as you fall to the floor.

Catch yourself at the bottom. Wyatt is strong enough to do hand claps as he pushes back up into the normal push up beginning position.

This style of push up produces violent forces on the body, particularly on the shoulders, and should only be done by those who have the strength and resiliency to perform them without danger to their body.