090919 Children and exercise part 2 of 2

090919 Children and exercise part 2 of 2

Other suggestions for the parents are to acknowledge, encourage and offer praise by showing an interest in your child physical achievements. Continue to encourage them to be active around your home by setting the example of jogging to get the mail or riding your bike to get the paper in the morning. Walk with them to school or ride your bikes together on the week end or try the local walking path. It’s a great to ride with your child or a friend. Just wear a helmet while you ride. If you don’t already have one they are free at many places so that can no longer be an excuse for not wearing one.

If they show an interest in strength training make certain to follow a few simple rules for their safety.

  • Supervision is paramount for the young children-be on top of what is going on in the gym. Don’t leave it up to someone else; after all they are your kids.
  • Keep in mind that no matter how big they are for their age they are still children and are physiologically immature.
  • Focus on learning how to do the exercise-the weight will come in due time.
  • Proper technique always precedes weight increases. If the form is not correct then don’t add weight to the bar.
  • Teach then proper breathing techniques, i.e. no holding of the breath by using the Valsalva maneuver.
  • Control the speed of movement-momentum has its place but not at this young age. They must be in control of the bar at all times.
  • Do each exercise in a full range of motion, don’t be cutting the squats high or bouncing the bar on the chest or heaving the weight up in the curls.
  • Use multijoint exercises, such as the squat, bench press, barbell rows as opposed to isolated movements like the concentration dumbbell curl.
  • Lastly make certain your child understands the directions given to them and is able to follow them.

In reality, short of a medical condition that predisposes an adolescent to obesity, there is no reason other than a lack of exercise that our youngsters are fat. The bottom line is the more active they are the less likely they will become obese.