200519 Exercise and rest period cycles Part 5 Overtrained

200519 Exercise and rest period cycles Part 5  Overtrained

How do you know if you are entering the overtrained realm? Listen to your body. Other clues to overtraining are more subtle. They include the following anaerobic indicators:Stages of Overtraining

1. No effect on performance 
Altered neural functions

2. Probably an effect on performance 
Altered motor unit recruitment
Altered sympathetic activity and hypothalamic control

3. Probably decreased performance 
Decreased motor coordination
Altered excitation contraction coupling
Decreased muscle glycogen
Increased resting heart rate and blood pressure
Altered immune function
Altered hormonal concentrations

4. Decreased performance
Decreased force production
Decreased glycolytic capacity
Sickness and infection
Emotional and sleep disturbances

Adapted from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning by Baechle and Earl