010119 Happy New Year

010119 Happy New Year

Well, here we are with another brand new year full of potential just waiting for us to grab a hold of it and get going.

Learn something new every day. Stick to it long enough to be at least moderately conversant about it and good at doing it.

Read a new book every week. Spread out your scope of interesting things; don’t just keep reading the same stuff every time.

Keep in contact with your friends. Call them, write to them, and even as I hate to say it, text them.

Help someone out. Run their paper in from the paper box, shovel off their front porch and front walkway. Offer to pick up groceries for them when you go shopping.

Do something that will improve your situation.

Do something that will improve your neighborhood.

Make a check mark on the calendar every single day. This starts a visible indicator of how often during the week, month, and year that you exercised.

Start out exercising on the slow side of things with lower intensity, fewer reps, lighter weight and less time doing it. Develop the habit of exercise and the keep the string going.