200918 Testing the WordPress app on my smartphone

So here it is the last day to claim my 20% off on a free upgrade. Once I got looking at it I realized I already had it installed but now I’m going to go and redeem the coupon and see what’s available.

Since I’m already using the premium platform I’m not certain what else is left. It appears as though the business upgrade it’s not going to fit my budget. I like to be as Thrifty as possible. After comparing the three different plans there’s not enough difference for me to spend the extra money.

Right now, I’m not going to take advantage of the upgrade coupon for 20% off. I’m satisfied with the one I now use.

I’m just going to publish this and see what it looks like when it comes across the computer.

Generally would apologize for putting such trivia up, however there may be other comments and thoughts that would justify my decision not to upgrade.

It has now been approximately 2 minutes since I published using the phone, so far nothing is showing up on my computer. Maybe I shouldn’t have hit publish twice because of my impatience.

I just hit publish again. If it doesn’t show up very soon I’m just going to go on to other things.

It took 6 minutes to publish.

More patience when and if I do this again.