240918 Moving the curve

Moving the curve 240918

Power is developed according to the formula which is the mass moved divided by time it takes to do it. If, for instance, you are moving a two hundred pound barbell from point A to Point B in one second during your early training phase and you decrease the time it takes to move this the same distance then you have increased your power output.

This is important to any lifter as the ability to move massive amounts of weight depends on rapidly and almost instantaneously increasing the force necessary to move the bar from the starting position. This is termed moving the curve to the left. It is also one of the most basic concepts in developing a powerful athlete. You must apply all of your possible force immediately against a heavy weight or an opponent if you expect it to be influenced to any positive degree.

Explosive force is separate from starting strength.

200918 Testing on my smartphone with a media entry.

Now for a media entry. It worked. This is one of my grandsons favorite little toys. So far I’ve spent about 15 minutes dinking around with this phone app but I’m beginning to enjoy using it. However, this is 15 minutes I’ll never get back in my life.

200918 Testing the WordPress app on my smartphone

So here it is the last day to claim my 20% off on a free upgrade. Once I got looking at it I realized I already had it installed but now I’m going to go and redeem the coupon and see what’s available.

Since I’m already using the premium platform I’m not certain what else is left. It appears as though the business upgrade it’s not going to fit my budget. I like to be as Thrifty as possible. After comparing the three different plans there’s not enough difference for me to spend the extra money.

Right now, I’m not going to take advantage of the upgrade coupon for 20% off. I’m satisfied with the one I now use.

I’m just going to publish this and see what it looks like when it comes across the computer.

Generally would apologize for putting such trivia up, however there may be other comments and thoughts that would justify my decision not to upgrade.

It has now been approximately 2 minutes since I published using the phone, so far nothing is showing up on my computer. Maybe I shouldn’t have hit publish twice because of my impatience.

I just hit publish again. If it doesn’t show up very soon I’m just going to go on to other things.

It took 6 minutes to publish.

More patience when and if I do this again.

170918 2/2 Speed of movement

Speed of movement 170918 2/2

Lifting heavy weights requires power. The formula for power is P=mass divided by time. Training for speed must be ongoing, and productive, if results are to be seen.

Full amplitude utilization
1. Total utilization and Full Range of Motion
2. Plyometric’s helps you produce Power

Plyometric’s and jumping exercises that are done JUST BEFORE the competitive exercise can act as a stimulant.

For example, in your own training try this in your gym before doing it in a contest. After a thorough warm up for the bench press and just before you hit the heavy weights do two sets of drop push-ups from between two twelve to thirteen inch stands. Explode back up each time. Relax several seconds, then give the bench your full effort

For your squats Plyometric jumps would help stimulate the CNS, which will lead to a higher successful total on the bar. The same is true just before doing a max dead lift.

As always, form and technique are crucial elements of success and in hopefully avoiding an injury.

100918 1/2 Speed of movement

Speed of movement 100918 1/2

Lifting heavy weights requires power. The formula for power is P=mass divided by time. Training for speed must be ongoing, and productive, if results are to be seen. Speed of movement can be increased in normal training situations by one of two ways:
• Preceding the movement with a heavy weight using the same movement form
• Preceding with a lighter than normal weight still using the exercise movement form
Preceding the move with a heavier weight may increase the speed of the standard weight due to the increased excitation of the nervous system. The influence of the nervous systems response to the heavier weight carries over into the normal load thus allowing faster speed to be attained.

This effect is felt but is depend upon the difference between the heavy or light loads which lead up to the immediate lifting of the normal load. Additional parameters are the number of repetitions and the order of the alternating loads.

This sequential selection of loads will elicit a positive training effect: Heavy, normal and light.

The limitations to a forceful contraction straight through a move occur at the end of any concentric move. This is the joint activating the ‘braking effect’ about three quarters of the amplitude utilization in the joint.

030918 Maximum power output

030918 Maximum power output, as many strength athletes already know, results from using loads in the intensity ranges of 30-40 % one repetition maximum. But the maximal coefficient of reactivity will be obtained by utilizing weight loads in the 30-33 % ranges.

Strength training will increase explosive power. But training cannot be confined exclusively to strength regimens, some of it must be in the power percentages.

Just as all training abides by certain guidelines, so does strength and power, as can be seen in the following chart first devised by A.S. Prilipin in 1974.

Prilepins table