180618 The specific warm up 3/4 

180618 The specific warm up 3/4 

As the warm up nears the end, the movements and intensity must approximate the beginning of the main workout. Just because these final movements may be lighter and not as challenging as the main ones to come does not mean less concentration is needed. Do not get into sloppy habits at any time of these warm ups because you learn what you repeat. So repeat it right each time, every time.

Warm up well, don’t just go through the motions especially if you are about to lift heavy. Break a sweat. If possible, do your warm ups and exercises in a room with temperatures that are above sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

As was mentioned in a an excellent article by Tamera Snelling massage is an excellent way to begin the stretching process. Once the body is warmed up begin the stretching and strength exercises in the same form as the main portion of the session. For example, if squatting then squat lightly for a few sets of medium repetitions. Do full range of motion exercises with an emphasis on swinging, pendulum and springy types of movements. Do the same movements for up to three sets until a slight sensation of pain makes its presence known. Muscle ‘use’, not muscle ‘injury’ pain.
The Warm up re-examined – points to consider

Its is a given that performing any type of work raises the mental and physical work capacity of the athlete.

A warm up may be accelerated by following quick, in time, exercises that are very similar to the actual ones that will be used in the workout.

The heavier the weights lifted the more crucial the general and specific warm up becomes.

The lifter who by passes or short circuits the general warm up makes it a necessity to engage in a longer specific warm up period.
Warm up until you break into a slight sweat with exercises involving swinging, pendulum and springy motions. If possible do your exercises in a room that has a temperature range above 57-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Perform the same exercise in several sets until you feel a slight sensation of pain in the muscles. Generally the form of the latter warm up movements should mimic the same form as the technique required in the sport.

Warm up to 60% of your 1 RM, this will depend upon how heavy you are lifting, naturally the higher your one rep max the more lengthy will be the warm up phase. After you arrive at the 60% do ten reps, go to 80% of your 1 RM for five reps then go to 95% for six sets of two reps.