210518 Muscular strength-continued from last week

210518 Muscular strength-continued from last week

Here is the bottom line for those of you who don’t have the time to read it all. This is akin to eating your dessert before your meal and before you get too full to actually enjoy it.

Excellent nutrition guidelines are followed after each training period

Concentrate on the separate exercises each time
Ten to twelve sets of one to two repetitions working up to 90% 1RM over a forty-five minute time span in the morning and up to 100% of the mornings lifts in the afternoon and late afternoon.

Reminder: Afternoon sessions follow a similar path with the exception that the lifter moves on up to near 100% 1RM of the morning training periods with one to two reps for ten to twelve sets

Late afternoon sees a lifter going up to 95% 1RM of the afternoon schedule, same reps and sets as before.

These are grueling training schedules and are not for everyone. Use caution if you decide to give this schedule a ride.