030318 Testing the new WordPress premium features

Here is a test video.

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This is Charlie, our wonderfully sweet Bernese Mountain Dog trying to go across the new threshold between the kitchen and the living room.

After all it was new. And it was also new between the two rooms. Did I mention it was new?

He even refused to step over it to eat. Or go outside at the door in the living room.

I finally had to take his collar in hand and start walking quickly from the hallway into the kitchen and then on into the living room. When he realized what was happening, he stopped walking and started sliding on the wood flooring but by then we were over that majestic threshold.

The softer side of Explosivelyfit Strength Training.png

This just goes to show you we do have a heart…photo comes from my son.

It looks as though I can do everything here that I could no longer do on my website. Since Windows moved me to Windows 10, my website software (Dreamweaver) no longer allowed photos or videos to be put up on the site. It was a lose lose situation, thus the move to WordPress.