281116 Basic exercise routine strength training instructions

281116 Basic exercise routine strength training instructions

General warm up three to five minutes before each session consisting of one of the following:

Skip rope for two to five minutes-alternate high speed with moderate speed skips. Ride your bike/treadmill (if your bike an inside stationary one) in the same way as you skip.

Area specific warm up for ten to fifteen reps each movement.

Upper body

Four shoulder exercises

Lower body:

Body weight squats followed by body weight good mornings

Exercise specific movement

Begin with fifty percent of your anticipated workout weight for ten reps.
Vary the schedule from upper to lower starting out exercises each time you lift. Lift three to five sets of eight to ten reps with a work to rest ratio of
1:4-5. For example, if you lift for ten seconds then rest for forty to fifty seconds. You can go from one arrowed exercise to the next without much rest due to the agonist and antagonistic muscle actions. Rest a bit longer between the numbers sets.

Begin with 70% 1RM and after two to three weeks move up to seventy-five percent. At six weeks lift with eighty percent of your one rep maximum.

The workout schedule:

  1. Military presses   Chin ups or pull downs
  2. Bench press        Barbell rows
  3. Sit ups with weight-Cobras with a hold for thirty to forty seconds in the up position
  4. Squats       Stiff leg dead lifts (Hold off on these until I can watch you)
  5. Good mornings
  6. Calves-high reps of twenty to fifty for two to six sets

The cool down

End with static stretches for the exercised areas; allow your breathing and pulse to return relatively close to normal. Eat fifty grams each of a high glycemic carbohydrate and a good quality protein within ten minutes of finishing the session. Keep a logbook.