211116 Energy system training

211116 Energy system training

% max power Primary system Exercise duration Work to rest ratio
90-100 % Phosphagen 5-10 seconds 1:12-1:20
75-90 % Fast glycolysis 10-15 seconds 1:3-1:5
30-75% FC/oxidative 1-3 minutes 1:3-1:4
20-35% Oxidative > three minutes 1:1-1:3

Rest periods per specific goals:

Strength 2-5 minutes
Power 2-5 minutes
Hypertrophy 30-90 seconds
Muscular endurance < = to or up to 30 seconds

Depending upon your training goals these charts provide a guideline to the systems used in your training and the ways to implement them. It should be kept in mind that training one system at a time is the correct method if you expect to see results.

Information from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning by Baechle and Earle