160716 This takes the cake, AKA stupid is as stupid does

160716 This takes the cake

We’ve all seen the pseudo trainers standing on a stability ball swinging something around in their hands.

Just when I thought I’d about seen it all, another screwball shows up with an even goofier exercise. This example shows a guy on a trampoline standing on a BOSU (1) with the rounded part facing the trampoline.

What is this for? Who knows; it certainly isn’t any that I train my athletes for in the gym. How many sports require this type of activity? NONE despite the trainers claims that it conditions the core and balance.

He must have a great liability insurance policy and is probably hoping the insurance company doesn’t see this photo of stupidity in action.

I suspect the people that do these things crave attention, negative in this case, because this is the only thing such a stunt could provide.

In the Explosively Strength Training programs, we NEVER stand on these types of gear. We are strong but not stupid.

(1) The BOSU looks like a stability ball cut in half with one side a flat surface and its opposite, the rest of the ball. It can be used with either side up or down for various exercises.