100716 What if you don’t feel like exercising today?


100716 What if you don’t feel like exercising today?

Putting a check mark on your calendar doesn’t mean not exercising, it means still going to the gym and lifting for at least 10 minutes. If, after the 10 minutes you still feel like passing on the day then move on to the rest of your day. At least you gave it a shot. It didn’t work out but you gave it a whirl.

Come back the next day with a new attitude and go at it again. If, however the same feelings of the previous day are still with you then it is time to make some drastic, wild changes in your exercise routine. Stop what you are doing and do something vastly different and give your body and mind a rest.

Instead of doing squats, do Bulgarian split squats, believe me your glutes and hamstrings will remind you later on of how you treated them. Use dumbbells rather than barbells, attach bands to the plates and do squats with swinging weights on the end of your bar, go into high reps, recall Bompa recommending rep ranges of up to 250 in a single set throughout the year on an infrequent basis as being conducive to further growth.

The idea is to move away from your normal exercise routine and get out of the rut you’ve created by not being creative with your schedule.