030716 What if you don’t feel like exercising today? 1 of 2

030716 What if you don’t feel like exercising today? 1 of 2

Today is one of those days; you know the ones when exercise isn’t something you want to do. The signs are all there, like the feeling in your head of wanting to do something else instead of exercise, of dreading going to the gym, not feeling well, have a cough, seem to be dragging, tired of the routine, not looking forward to the exercises on the schedule, not feeling enthusiastic about it anymore…

Does the word overtraining come to mind? It could be, if you are displaying psychological signs (generally noticed by your intimate associates who really know you and your personality) such as irritability, more displeasure with life rather than pleasure, a loss of your sense of humor….and this is just a mere portion of the psychological signs. Other indicators of overtraining are physiological and once these appear you are already overtrained.

It is a well known fact that psychological signals appear before the physiological signs begin show up such as a higher morning pulse rate, lower energy levels, sleepiness compared to arousal, increased tiredness, plateaus, decreased strength….But are you overtrained?, unless you have been hitting it hard without a slow down this is unlikely.

It could be something other than overtraining. And that something else just may be brought on by a lack of interest due to others things on your daily list of stuff to do such as

  • mowing the lawn,
  • chopping wood for the winter,
  • weeding the garden,
  • watering the raspberries,
  • washing the truck,
  • reading the latest book you just bought,
  • studying for a CEU exam,
  • going to Costco, or going to a
  • doctors appointment,

So what’s a person to do in this dilemma? The answer is as simple as putting a check mark on your calendar.