120814 You should know this prior to exercise for a healthier heart

You should know this prior to exercise for a healthier heart
Increasing your walking speed and building your endurance can be incremental and spaced over several ten-minute periods each day. Interval walking means you begin with a warm up walk, then speed up to a fast pace for either time or distance and then slow down to a normal pace again. Do this the entire time of the walk. Your heart rate rises and then returns to an elevated rate the rest of the time even after you have slowed down.
When the temperature is high, and/or the humidity is too, exercising in it can be dangerous to those with existing heart problems or other health issues.

  • If you are out in the heat and/or humidity make certain you keep an ample amount of water in your body.
  • It may be best if you avoid the heat and/or humidity during the hottest parts of the day by beginning earlier or later on, especially if you do your exercising in the fresh open air.

If you have any doubts about exercising or starting a different program, discuss these plans with your doctor.