150314 The bed advertisement

The bed advertisement of 15 March 2014

I was looking at an ad this morning and noticed one for a king sized bed. It was from one of the large big retail membership stores. This thing looked huge, as in tall, far off the ground.

After clicking on the photo and looking at the specs, I noticed that it was 72″ W x 83.5″ L x 23.5″ H. Now the perimeter dimensions aren’t what caught my eye. What did was the height of this thing—nearly two feet! And that did not include the bedstead, which adds another 16 inches to the total sleep apparatus for a total of 39.5 inches off the ground.

It puts you up into the nosebleed section.

You almost need a stepladder to get into bed at night.

Fall out of this sucker and you are in for a big hurt once you finally hit the floor. The upside to this is you have a lot of time to think before hitting the floor.

Does anyone need something this big to sleep on?