151113 Strength and power training for all ages

Strength and power training for all ages

Some people wonder what days are the best to train; it doesn’t matter. God did not make one day better for training the next or the one after. What does matter is whether or not the days you pick are the ones that will help you keep training. Ask yourself this question, what good does it do to pick out Tuesday and Thursday if you know that on Tuesday all day long you are tied up with work or enjoying the day with your children? Don’t pick those days because you won’t stay with them.

Look at your calendar and find the days that you can alter around to get your lifting in on a consistent basis. Missing one day normally leads to missing the next and the next. Pretty soon you won’t even be lifting and wondering why.

Getting back to a few of the frequently asked questions. A new lifter may not know what a set or rep is. A set is one complete sequence of one particular exercise. A repetition is one complete exercise movement within the one set.

For example, if you decide to do three sets of twelve repetitions in the chair squat you will be doing twelve complete separate individual exercise movements. The chair squat is simply setting into a sturdy secure chair and then standing up for one repetition. If you do this twelve times that is one set. By repeating this three times you will have done three sets of twelve reps in the chair squat. This means you have sat down and stood up a total of thirty six times in this exercise. By the way, this is a great starting out exercise for the lower body. It builds strength and power once you get going on it.