301013 Getting enough water into your body? Try these tips.

Getting enough water into your body? Try these tips.

Water constitutes a major portion of your body, more than 2/3’s of your body’s weight is water. Our brains are made up of 95% water; our blood supply contains 82% water and our lungs 90%.

One of the first signs of mild dehydration is fatigue. At 10% dehydration, there is a noticeable decrease in your mental and physical abilities. Water needs to be there when it’s needed by the body to function efficiently. If your urine is light colored, similar to pale lemonade, you are just about right in how much water you are drinking. If, on the other hand your urine is dark, that is a sign you are not getting enough water. Some drugs cause the urine to be dark and are not a sign of dehydration.

Therefore, to be effective in all of your daily activities you must have enough water in your system and if you are not getting enough each day try a few of these tips.

• Start carrying your water around with you, in your car, on your bike/motorcycle, and on your walks or runs. Keep a water bottle with you most of the time. You don’t have to spend much money on one, just use a one liter empty juice container. If you do decide to get one then buy a stainless steel version. And keep it clean so mold doesn’t build up inside.
• Drink water with your meals rather than a high calorie drink.
• If your water doesn’t taste good get a filter, add some flavor to it with lemon, lime or orange slices. Some have found that cucumber or other fruit makes their water easier to drink.
• Instead of drinking sugar loaded junk drinks, such as pop, drink water.
• Finally, if you are a parent, be a role model for your children and drink water.

Whatever you decide to do about getting enough water into your body each day, keep it up for the long haul.