161013 Healthy snacks that won’t bust the fat and calorie bank

Healthy snacks that won’t bust the fat and calorie bank

If you can’t go for more than thirty seconds without having something to snack on you are probably putting on weight every month. Snacks are not all that bad if you do it in a reasonable manner and by that I mean eating healthy ones.

Instead of eating regular potato chips or taco chips try the reduced sodium ones or get the baked instead of fried versions with the low sodium. Eat a few lightly salted pretzels or non-salted pretzels or air popped popcorn.

If you buy your snacks at Costco or other large warehouse store separate the contents into smaller one size portions so you control how much you eat at one sitting.

If you bake, use unsaturated oil or soft margarines, non-trans fat contents of course, and egg substitutes or egg whites and fat free milk. Angel food cakes are better for you than the traditional sugar, fat loaded, but great tasting cakes of your youth.

When it comes to cookies or crackers develop the taste for the fat free or low fat ones. It may take a while to do so but give it a whirl and see if you can make it happen over the course of several bags of boxes. Some of the better choices in this area are graham crackers, rice cakes, some of the fruit bars, and ginger snaps if you like the taste of these. Another option is molasses cookies, which in my case I haven’t had since my grandma used to bake them a long time ago.

Ice cream is the down fall of many a good diet intentions. Sherbet, frozen yogurt in the fat free or low fat styles and fruit juice bars all make good tasting substitutes for regular ice cream. Puddings are fine as long as you stick to the ones made with fat free milk.