250913 Healthy ideas that may be worth considering for a healthier life-part four – The health benefits of fiber to your heart

Healthy ideas that may be worth considering for a healthier life-part four – The health benefits of fiber to your heart

Scientific research never ceases and constant investigations into what makes us healthy are no exception. Some of the recent research and subsequent reports result from observational studies. These observational studies were not designed to prove a cause and effect. Nonetheless, they still may point the way towards improving your health by decreasing your disease risk.

Some of these findings may already be common knowledge to you, whereas others may be a surprise. In any case, all of them may be worthwhile paying attention to in the future.

In the majority of the world’s advanced nations, many avoidable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity could be prevented or at least decreased in number if their citizens would simply follow a healthier lifestyle. Getting 30 minutes of exercise per day and eating nutritious foods would go a long way towards easing the healthcare costs and improving the lives of uncounted millions of people.

The health benefits of fiber to your heart

“Swedish researchers compared the dietary habits and prevalence of cardiovascular disease among more than 20,000 adults.” They found that fiber, particularly for women, may help protect them against heart disease. In this examination of the 20,000 adults the reported that women consuming the most fiber, which came principally from fruits, vegetables, and bread were at almost 25% lower risk for developing heart disease when compared to those eating a low fiber diet.

This association between high and low fiber in the diet was not as great in men however those eating a high fiber diet seem to have a lower incidence of stroke.

These research scientist scrutinized the self-reported answers in the questionnaires of the reported heart disease and thirteen nutritional variables within this large group of adults. This scrutiny covered over thirteen years of follow-up.

The results published in PLOS One eventually included 8139 men and 12,535 women, aged between 44 and 73 from the Swedish city of Malmo. None of the participants had a prior history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

None of the researchers could say why fiber may be a protective mechanism against heart disease but did note that due to the gender differences found in the results that more investigation is warranted.