050813 Excess sodium where you would least expect it

Excess sodium where you would least expect it.

A Canadian study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that patients ordering their meals at the hospital ended up with an average of 3,033 milligrams of sodium each day. That is 1,000 milligrams more than the recommended daily amount of 2,300 mg for a healthy adult.

Even that is too much in most cases. According to the CDC, our bodies need only 180-500 mg per day to function normally with an adequate amount per day of 1,500 mgs being more suitable for most adults. This means the food checked in the Canadian study was 1,533 mgs greater in sodium than necessary for a healthy adult. It gets worse.

Those who choose food from the diabetic menu got 3,600 mg of sodium each day, an amount that exceeds the recommended 1,500 milligrams by 2,100 mgs.

Choose your food wisely if you land in the hospital.

Exercise and breast cancer

The journal of Cancer reported a study involving 3,059 postmenopausal women. This research study found that those who were physically active throughout their entire life showed a lower breast cancer rate than those who did not exercise.

The postmenopausal women in the study who exercised ten hours or more a week had the greatest reduction of risk by thirty percent.

Contrast these findings with those who gained weight after menopause. These women raised the risk of developing breast cancer.