170713 Another great day starting out

Another great day starting out

It’s 0431 and the day is starting out with a bang. I never can decide which part of the day I like the best. Is it going to bed at night or getting up early the next morning.

Going to bed gets me over that time of inactivity and into the busy part sooner.

Before going to bed I make up a to do list for the next day. This gives me direction as to what needs to be done.

Today the list shows writing articles for the various media I am involved with on an ongoing basis, heading out to the gym for a quick morning workout, making sure the equipment is ready for the trainees, mowing the lawn, taking a short ride on the motorcycle, reading a nonfiction book for at least an hour (I am reading Sir Max Hastings book about Winston Churchill and the war years 1939-1945), working in the garden and getting the weeds pulled, back to the gym for a thirty minute ride on the bike and then a full body strength session, back in for the daily check on the email and other business matters, this averages, on a normal day around 90 minutes and is the most boring part of the entire day.

My last effective task for the day, before it is simply playtime, is to read something related to strength training for an hour. Currently, I am in the process of reading Special Strength Training Manual For Coaches by Yuri and Natalia Verkhoshansky. It seems as though each page has something new on it.

That is my day in a brief nutshell.