260613 Exercises that will strengthen your ankles-part one

Exercises that will strengthen your ankles-part one

Are you conscious of every step you take because in the past you’ve suffered a twisted ankle and are fearful that it may reoccur? If you have had a recent serious ankle injury then more than likely you’ve been to the doctor. Because of that visit, perhaps you were referred to a physical therapist for some rehabilitation work. If you didn’t see a doctor, then you may be on your own and wondering what can be done to strengthen your ankles.

Here are a few recommendations from the Mayo Clinic. They just may make your ankles stronger and make you better able to resist the joint stress of an off balance moment. If you have decent balance then give them a try.

Start out by sitting in a chair or standing up next to a supporting countertop or doorjamb. Keep one foot flat and lift the other one up a few inches off the floor. With the raised foot, use your ankle and toes to trace out the letters of the alphabet. Pretend that your big toe is the pencil as you write the ABC’s out in thin air. After one foot is finished, go to the other one and repeat writing the alphabet again.

The next exercise is the calf raise. Stand next to the countertop and stand up as high as you can, with straight legs, on the balls of your feet. Start out using both feet and do them together for twenty-five or more high repetitions. Once you are able to do 100 reps without rest begin to do them on one foot. This is going to be considerably harder, but stick with it and soon you’ll be doing them just fine on a single leg.

After you have finished with the calf raises, stand with both feet flat on the floor again and raise your toes up toward your head. Follow the same scheme as before, i.e. both feet for up to 100 reps and then to on to doing them with one foot.