170613 Using exercise to lose and maintain your weight-part four

170613 Using exercise to lose and maintain your weight-part four

If you eat junk food you get a junk body!~Lamar Gant~

Stretching definitely has a place in an exercise program; however, static stretching before doing either cardio or resistance training is counterproductive and may even lead to injury. It is the purpose of static stretching to increase the length of the muscle range of motion. It does this by relaxing the muscles surrounding the joints being stretched.

Since this is a case, it makes no sense to be static stretching before you begin an intense set of interval training or any explosive activity such as lifting weights. The joint receptors are confused, and because the joint is relaxed, it is not as tight as it should be when called upon to do intense activities.

Start each session with a general overall body warm-up, followed by a series of dynamic stretching or active range of motion movements prior to the actual session. This correctly warms the body up for the exercises that follow. Next follows the actual exercises and then use static stretching as part of the cool down.

Losing and maintaining weight

There is not a whole lot of difference between exercising for weight loss and exercising for weight management. Both must be kept up on a consistent basis otherwise, all the gains that you’ve made will be lost.

The best exercise program that you will ever find is going to be the one that you stick with day after day, week after week, and year after year. It is a never-ending process; you have to be active in order to be physically fit.

You cannot leave out the nutritional component of weight management. A proper nutritional diet greatly enhances your ability to lose and then maintain your weight.

Always keep in mind that the best exercise program in the world will quickly be sabotaged by sloppy eating and drinking habits.