100513 How to make a smooth smoothie in a small amount of time

How to make a smooth smoothie in a small amount of time

Be bold with your creations, you’ll never know if it tastes good unless you try it. Pick out foods you already like, combine them, and see what happens. You may be surprised or gagged, either way you are ahead of those who don’t try something new. But to be more specific in building a smoother smoothie, try these suggestions.

Buy ripe fresh fruit and/or vegetables. They are full flavored and will most certainly taste better in your drink. Cut the fruit up into usable chunks and then put it away in a freezer container for use later on. It probably won’t taste as good as it could be if you let it stay in the freezer beyond two weeks. If this happens, then take the fruit out and rinse it with cold water before using it in your smoothie.

At the start of your smoother smoothie put in the liquid portion first, and then add the fruit or vegetables last. Set your blender on a low speed chop until it looks like the mixture could be blended at high speed. It will be up to you to decide when the high speed button is pushed.

Common sense advice now follows. If your smoother smoothie is too thick, what do you suppose the answer may be; Add more fruit or more liquid? If you choose add more solids, then making smoothies may not be intuitive on your part and you may want to consider buying them somewhere rather than making your own. However, if you have passed this short quiz with flying colors then let us continue.

When adding more liquid, go slowly because it won’t take much to have too much liquid in it. If this happens, add a few ice cubes or fruit to tighten it up a bit.

Some experts suggest having a binder to add to the mixture of fruit or vegetables such as regular or frozen yogurts, tofu, and buttermilk – if you can stand the taste of this stuff, or fruit juices. You can also add in some protein powder with dry milk or applesauce if you like.

Finally, the end result is going to depend on the quality of the ingredients that you start out with. As the geeks in computerdom are fond of saying, “junk in junk out.”