080513 Six common sense strategies to help with your allergies

Six common sense strategies to help with your allergies

Suggestion # 1. On windy days, the pollen is everywhere, so stay indoors as much as possible. This is especially important between the hours of 0500 and 1000 hours. During this time, the air is thoroughly saturated with pollen just waiting to get to you.

Suggestion # 2. At the end of the day take a quick shower and get the pollen off of you. Wash your clothes or put them in a sealed hamper to be washed later in the week.

Suggestion # 3. After washing your clothing or bedding, don’t hang them outside to dry. It may smell nicer but it is absorbing the pollen like a wick in a lantern.

Suggestion # 4. When vacuuming, and you should do this quite frequently, maybe even as much as once a day, change your bag or filters often. Don’t let your hard work be for naught with a filled up vacuum cleaner bag that is regurgitating the pollen back into your living space.

Suggestion # 5. During the summer, if you happen to use your air conditioner, make it a habit of changing the filters so the pollen isn’t simply being moved from room to room in your home. The same goes in the winter – change the filters frequently.

Suggestion # 6. Keep your pets clean. Give them a bath (or have a pet care shop do it for you) more frequently than during the non allergy season. Brush them more often and use a mask when doing so.

If these suggestions are not effective, then see your doctor and get tested to find out what is causing these allergic reactions.