060513 May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

This is your month to change the way you live by doing something good for your mind and body every single day.

If you don’t have a gym to go to, then start walking, jogging, running, do a series of squats onto one of your kitchen chairs-the tall bar stools in the kitchen don’t count, skip rope, ride a bike with your kids, walk in the woods, pick up your yard, do push ups, lunges, get in a few curl ups, lift some rocks, cut up tree trunks if you have cut down any trees or tree branches, be physical during some part of each day.

Raise your heartbeat and keep it within your target heart range for twenty to forty minutes most days of the week with your physical exercises. This helps you do more with your time because it allows your heart and circulatory systems to keep the nutrients and oxygen flowing throughout your body.

Mind your mental health by reducing the stress in your life. Make things simple and not more over complicated than they need to be.

Rest more often and practice getting good sleep at night. Nap if you have the time and most of us do have the time, we just aren’t using it wisely.

Eat nutritious food to fuel your body in the most effective manner. Cut back on your salt and sugar consumption; get your weight under control and lose those unnecessary pounds that are dragging you down by watching what you put into your mouth each day.

Keep track of your progress with a daily diary. You will be surprised how much more you’ll accomplish if you keep track of it. For some reason, doing so spurs you onward to doing more.