050313 Slow jogs better than faster longer ones

Slow jogs better than faster longer ones

A study conducted by researchers at Ochsner Medical Center, in New Orleans, presented at the American College of Sports Medicine in San Francisco found that running slower and less may be of greater benefit than running longer and faster.

The study involved 56,696 people. The findings suggest that those who jog for twenty miles or less, at a pace of ten to eleven minutes a mile, have a tendency to live longer than those who run longer at a pace faster than seven minutes a mile.

The research behind cardiovascular health activity shows that most of the health paybacks of the activity happen within the first thirty-five to forty minutes. Any time after this initial thirty-five to forty minutes burns more calories and improves sports performance.

However, the long-term results may be negative changes to their hearts.

The good part of the findings strongly indicate that anyone who is jogging, even a little, lower their risk of dying nineteen percent within a given frame of time than those who are not jogging. It may be time to get off the dime and start hitting the road.