251212 How to lose weight and burn excess fat

How to lose weight and burn excess fat

High blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular problems are a direct result of being overweight. Moreover, the rising epidemic of obesity in our country is putting added strains on the healthcare system. If you are overweight, there are steps that you can take to lose weight and burn excess fat simultaneously.

The first recommendation is to add approximately 30 minutes per day of walking or other aerobic type of exercise and at least 30 minutes of properly conducted resistance training each day.

Start out on the low end of the 30 minutes of aerobic exercise to become accustomed to it, and then gradually add 10% per week to the time. If you are unsure of how to strength train, consult with an NSCA certified specialist listed at NSCA.com. Exercise alone will not be the final answer because nutrition plays a big role in reduction of weight and burning excess fat.

Reducing the amount of breads, cakes and pastas from your diet that contain refined carbohydrates and replacing them with whole-grains will improve your health. In addition to this reduction in eating refined carbohydrates, consider also limiting the fat found in salad dressings, ice creams and foods cooked in oil, especially the fried foods. Substituting olive and canola oil for the fat found in the salad oils is a reasonable choice.

Changing the type of oil you use on your salad is a start but you can increase the potential of what you eat by choosing a colorful plate of fruits and vegetables. These are normally low in fat and high nutrient value.

The last suggestion is to reduce the salt in your diet to a minimum of 12 to 1500 mg per day. You can do this by checking the nutrition labels on the food you buy. Particularly high in salt are the canned soups and almost all of processed and packaged foods.

Choosing a new dietary lifestyle is going to require education on your part as to what is contained in the food and you will only know that by reading the labels.