Over the past two and a half months, I have been steadily losing weight, from 221 to 205, due in part to paying careful attention to when I my appetite is satisfied.

No longer am I following the vortex eating style of my youth. I still eat fast but not as long as I used to do. Now it is more controlled, at least enough to where my wife isn’t eating alone for ten minutes while I sit there waiting for her to finish.

The time I spend exercising has not changed. The diet has. It is a truism you cannot exercise your way to lower muscle mass if you eat everything in sight. This weight loss has lowered my blood pressure systolic numbers by 25-30 points and diastolic by 20. Those doctors and scientists are right when they talk about the link between weight and blood pressure.

The literature is in unison when it discusses the connection between weight loss and blood pressure numbers. I found that when my weight dropped below 208 my blood pressure dramatically dropped into below normal ranges. I want to see what they are at 200-205.

Will there be another drop?