240812 Getting things done

It’s 0431 and the day is starting out with a bang.

I have a hard time deciding what part of the day I like the best. It is either going to bed at night, or getting up early the next morning.

One thing I do know for sure, going to bed gets me into the busy part of next day sooner.

Once you know when you’re at your best, take advantage of it and get things done when you are the most productive.

In my case before going to bed, I make up my next days to do list. Sometimes I can’t wait to jump up early the next morning and get going on it. My lists are not impossibly long or detailed but it does tell what I want to accomplish during the day.

Others list things they want to get done the next day; however, their lists are sometimes so long it is difficult for them to finish it and if they don’t, they feel like failures.

So make your list manageable and start seeing better results sooner.